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MURCIAamiga is a bilingual publication aiming to bring the following things closer to our readers: the Region of Murcia, its Culture, Celebrations and Traditions, Gastronomy, Places to visit, Routes in the Nature, free time Offers, Leisure, Sports, Health and all the Services it offers within this exceptional tourist enclave of the Mediterranean sea.

For all of that, our readers have chosen Murcia. And MURCIAamiga shows it in the more exquisite possible way. Including agreeable reports, magnificent photographs, detailed information regarding what to do, where to go, when the events you are interested in take place and how to attend them. Attractive contents that will drive the reader to go out, to get to know and enjoy the entire Region of Murcia and also will contribute to enlarge their satisfaction for having chosen to live among us.


MURCIAamiga aims at all the people living in the Region of Murcia, both national as our new international neighbours.